Sometimes things go together better than you might expect. Like Weetabix spread with butter and jam. Yum. Or bananas and biros. I don't mean to eat - biros are too plasticky in the mouth. The reason I am blogging about this is because it has come to my attention, quite shockingly, that not everyone has drawn on a banana with a biro. Even highly educated people of the world. The biro loves the banana, it understands the banana and in return the banana gives the biro the most exquisite experience of its existence. Oh, wait, I mean while the banana is still in its skin! Phew, good job I clarified that before things got a little cah-razy!

If you have never drawn on a banana with a biro, put it on your list of Things To Do Before Bedtime.

Also, apples and acrylics are LUSH!

Much love, as always,

Demonstration of a banana that has known the touch of a biro


09/06/2012 9:01pm

this IS my first blog actually. reading i mean, not writing. (you know that already but other ppl might be confused so i thought i'd just clear that up).

wanted to be the first to comment, but can't think of anything other than "nice drawing"

10/06/2012 12:26am

Thank you. I ate the banana so it was fleeting art.

18/06/2012 1:52pm

thereby rendering it another piece of flash fiction.....


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