Our sleepy little village came to life recently when the Olympic Torch passed through as part of its nationwide tour. The town was delighted; we got official Olympic bunting put up and everything. The local businesses got into the carnival spirit, decorating their shop windows with welcoming signs for the Torch and runners and basically making the whole area Olympic themed. I’m not too sure what happened with the shop front pictured below though. They certainly had the elements right, but the execution is somewhat imaginative (that’s me being nice). Maybe they thought the logo was trademarked and they’d get into bother if they copied it directly? Bless them.

The Olympic Rings. Local style. Boom. How do you like them rings, eh?


18/06/2012 3:30pm

Maybe they thought it was the Special Olympics?

19/06/2012 10:00am

Alol :D

18/06/2012 6:38pm

wow soooo wrong. or just subverting the form. cause that would make it genius

19/06/2012 10:01am

I'll subvert your form.

18/06/2012 6:55pm

I think they thought the design was more what you might call "guidelines"

20/06/2012 7:31pm

I can only suggest that they were cocking a snook at the Olympic shenannigans.

I have no idea what a snook is, nor how one would go about cocking it, I do, however, know that Shennanigans is a restaurant with goofy stuff on the walls and mozzarella sticks.

20/06/2012 8:48pm

They were definitely cocking up something... ^_^


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