It's been an odd sort of day. I used oven cleaner to clean my shower curtain - worked fairly well, I give it a B+. I sent the boy to the video shop to get The Woman In Black, a film which can be classified as DRAMA/HORROR/THRILLER. He brought back Kung Fu Panda 2, a CARTOON ACTION COMEDY. Still, I give it a B+ on account of it making me laugh, probably more than The Woman In Black would have. And I ate the insides of marshmallows out a jar! Who knew you could buy a jar of the inside of marshmallows? My top tip if you are ever treated to the insides of marshmallows from a jar is to spread it on chocloate fingers. The insides of marshmallows - in a jar! (It's called, quite unappealingly, Fluff.)

But enough chat - the point of this blog is to let you know that Grimm Jr is now ready to get to know you. Call round to see him here: You don't need to feel obliged to take a cake or flowers, just your clicking finger will do.

Since I love each and every one of you, please enjoy this picture of Marshmallow Fluff.



26/06/2012 7:12pm

its also fully compatible with a fat free diet but not a sugar free one


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