That means I now have a blog archive from another month!  I'm thinking of turning pro.  All I need now is to increase my actual blogging by around 3000% and find interesting stuff to say instead of this sort of drivel...

I decided, whilst in the shower the other morning, to be deeply offended by the lyric in the song from South Pacific: "There ain't nothing you can tame that is anything like a dame."  (For completeness, the song is There Is Nothing Like A Dame, and yes, I often sing late-1950's show tunes in the shower.)  I marched downstairs doing my very best Germaine Greer face at the indignation I was feeling from being compared to "something you can tame."

'So, I'm like a wild animal?' I asked David (in my non indoor voice).  David cleverly sensed a trap and didn't answer.  'How dare they!' Continued I, unperturbed, 'How dare they imply that a woman is something to be housebroken, to be leashed until "tame"!  I know it was the late-1950's, but how very dare they!'  (For full disclosure, I thought it was the 1960's, but I imdb'd it.)

I looked up the song online and it turns out the lyric is actually, "There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame".  Subtle difference.  Sounds the same.  But fair play to them, they're factually correct, no problems here then.  I decided to withdraw my "decision to be offended", fortunately before releasing my anti-misogynistic rant on the interworld web via my blog.

I turned on my iPod and listened to some Whitesnake instead.  Slide It In album, I believe.
There is nothing you can NAME that is anything like a dame. Now digitally remastered because there weren't enough versions of South Pacific already in the world and someone thought there should be more, just a tiny bit clearer.


09/07/2012 8:54am

phew i cant believe we got out of that one unscathed.


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