At school the other day a pupil was talking about "that guy from Star Wars with the two-sided lightsabre" and I replied to his question and referred to "the guy" as Darth Maul. The pupils thought I was a geek for knowing the name. Frankly, I think that classes as general knowledge. Lots of non-geeks know that Darth Maul has the two-sided lightsaber, right? It's part of the Star Wars canon. It doesn't require specialist knowledge. It's not like I told them that Chewie's home planet is Kashyyyk (pronounced cash-eek) - which, of course, I could have. Nor did we discuss the Christmas Special. Thankfully.

But the thing is, I am a geek. Card carrying. Proud. Passionate. Which is why I will now, proudly and passionately tell the internet (and you) that yes, I bought the Before Watchmen comic books on Rorshach (cos he's my favourite) and yes, they came in plastic bags, and yes, in order to read them I wore gloves to stop the natural oils and dead skin in my fingers from contaminating them.

I went full geek. Proudly.
What an awful angle to take a photo of your own arm


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